Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

SAP Business One substring formula for leading zero number print out

this is a right$ (in vb) compare to sap business one report/print out template formula.
000012390 where 12390 is the numeric data from database table field.

to output the field in print out/report.
  1. put the number field to format from database into report and set the field invisible.
    for example the field name: field_99.
  2. put a new text field with the leading zero desired by concatenating the field_99.
    the formula:
    concat("000000000", field_99)
    set the field into invisible (let say this field named: field_100).
  3. put a new text field capture the number field length using this formula:
    set the field invisible, for example the field name: field_101.
  4. put a new text field to output the number field with leading zero with this formula:
    substring(field_100, field_101 - 9, field_101)

the number field should be concatenating with "0000000" then add a new field to capture the concatenated field length and substring the concatenating the field with desired leading zero
in the example will return 9 characters.

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